Sea to Sky Gondola and Pinmo

A Breathtaking View Beyond Words

The Sea to Sky Gondola is a beautiful natural tourist attraction located in Squamish, British Columbia, at the heart of the world-famous Sea to Sky Corridor.

The attraction features three main viewing platforms that offer new and exciting views of surrounding mountains and the serene ocean below – the Summit Lodge Viewing Deck, the Chief Overlook Viewing Platform, and the Spirit Viewing Platform.

Vancouver tourist marketing campaign

The Summit Lodge Viewing Deck is the first of the three viewing platforms that guests encounter. This viewing deck offers unparalleled views of Howe Sound, coastal mountain ranges, and the famous Co-Pilot and Sky Pilot mountain peaks.

The Chief Overlook Viewing Platform hangs over hundreds of meters of sheer drop and is a unique opportunity to stand close to the edge and see the landscape surrounding Howe Sound.

The Spirit Viewing Platform features interpretative information displays along the trail where you can learn about the surrounding landscape, wildlife, and Stawamus First Nations culture and history.

Pinmo’s Campaigns for Sea to Sky

For Sea to Sky Gondola, Pinmo helped their content spread farther, engage better, and perform substantial returns on investments. In early 2018, Pinmo created advertising campaigns for Sea to Sky that helped them accomplish their goal of receiving more attention and provided direct access to the Chinese and Asian community. The campaigns were promoted and released specifically during Family Day and Lunar Chinese New Year and helped Sea to Sky achieve their goal of redirecting traffic to their website to purchase tickets.

Vancouver marketing campaign strategy

Pinmo Campaigns + Results

Pinmo’s campaigns for Sea to Sky proved to be successful and prosperous for their reach into the Asian and Chinese community and helped them achieve their desired target goals. Sea to Sky’s campaigns received 5992 unique total impressions and 523 unique total clicks.

Tourist destination marketing campaign

For Sea to Sky, Pinmo brought real-world value metrics that re-invented the relationship between advertiser and the average social media user. As a result of the campaigns, Sea to Sky accomplished their goals, increased their reach and traffic within the Asian community which provided prosperous results for their sales goals. Overall, Pinmo helped bridge the gap between Chinese and Asian audiences and directly connected them with Sea to Sky’s attraction – increasing their reach and brand loyalty.

Pinmo and IBM Watson

Pinmo is a performance-based marketing platform powered by IBM’s Watson.  As an intelligent marketing platform, Pinmo creates Ads that Learn.

IBM Watson

Watson is a system developed by IBM that has multiple functions compiled with business data collected over several years. Watson is able to ingest, enrich, and normalize a wide variety of data types without any additional integration. This allows us to leverage data from a vast range of sources easily.

Because Watson is on the IBM Cloud, Pinmo maintains ownership of our data, insights, training, and IP. In addition, Watson also offers persistent data stores, robust data science tools, and a multitude of other features.

As Watson is able to processing mass amounts of data, it’s able to understand the language of digital marketing and social media to tap into a deeper domain of knowledge – helping to make more informed decisions faster and more accurately.                       

Pinmo and IBM Watson

Today’s marketers have little to go on in terms of credibility and verifying their vision. With Pinmo, this will no longer be an issue. The Pinmo System will have several key technological features that help provide an elevated level of quality assurance to advertisers.

By integrating our AI with IBM’s Watson AI system, we establish authentication as well as user filtration. Pinmo filters each user via their profile created through AI and selects the users with the highest affinity to each ad, pushes ads to those users, and then performs optimizations with the returned data. We can then isolate each channel the ad has been distributed to and compare their effectiveness for analysis and optimization.

Why IBM Watson?

IBM Watson provides Pinmo with distinct advantages:

1. Accelerated Research and Discovery

With accelerated research and discovery, Pinmo can spend less time looking for the information we need, and more time acting on it. Watson easily processes millions of data points to ensure that what’s most important is worked on first.

2. Enriched Interactions

Watson enriches interactions by reducing response times, increasing the number of transactions, and making every interaction meaningful and productive.

3. Anticipated and Pre-empted Disruptions

Watson uses AI to constantly monitor the condition of systems that power Pinmo – ensuring that any problems won’t disrupt our work.

4. Scaled Expertise and Learning

Watson combines everyone’s expertise with the industry’s latest learning.

5. Detected Liabilities and Mitigated Risks

Watson trains systems to understand and keep up with constantly changing regulations and privacy obligations.

Personality Insights

One of Watson’s services consists of Personality Insights. With Personality Insights, Pinmo is able to predict personality characteristics, needs, and values through written text. With this, Pinmo will be able to understand users’ habits and preferences on an individual level, and at scale. Additionally, we will be able to get detailed personality portraits of our users, understand their consumption preferences, and tailor the customer experience for them.

With Pinmo powered by IBM’s Watson, we’ve created Ads that Learn. Experience Pinmo for yourself and join the digital marketing revolution.

FlyOver Canada and Pinmo

Pinmo Advertising

As we’ve established in previous blogs, Pinmo is a performance-based marketing platform designed to make an advertiser’s content spread farther, engage better, and perform better return on investments. For FlyOver Canada, Pinmo provided nothing less than promised.

FlyOver Canada is a local Vancouver tourist attraction that invites you to experience the feeling of suspension with your feet dangling before a 20-metre spherical film screen on an exhilarating journey across Canada, from East to West. Conveniently located by Waterfront in downtown, FlyOver Canada wanted to attract more guests to their one-of-a-kind experience, especially among the Asian-Chinese community.

FlyOver Canada, Marketing, Pinmo, Vancouver, Case Study

In early 2018, Pinmo created an advertising campaign for FlyOver Canada that helped them accomplish their goal of receiving more attention and provided direct access to the Chinese and Asian community during Chinese Lunar New Year. For Lunar New Year, FlyOver Canada launched a special short film feature called “The Flight of Dragon” that was promoted on Pinmo.

The Pinmo campaign showcased “The Flight of Dragon” and was live from January 18th to February 18th. During this time, a limited promotion was offered and highlighted where guests were able to see two films with one single pass.

FlyOver Canada, Pinmo, Case Study, Marketing, Vancouver

Pinmo Campaign + Results

Pinmo’s campaign for FlyOver Canada proved to be successful and prosperous for their extended reach into the Asian and Chinese community, and helped achieve their intended goals. FlyOver Canada’s campaign received 12936 unique total impressions and 1370 unique total clicks. The landing page was viewed for an average of 18.52 seconds.

Marketing, Advertising, FlyOver Canada, Pinmo, Vancouver

For FlyOver Canada, Pinmo re-invented the relationship between advertiser and the average social media user, so that real-world value metrics were brought – with outstanding unique impressions and clicks. As a result of the campaigns, FlyOver Canada achieved their goals and increased their reach and traffic in the Asian community – making their sale more efficient. Overall, collaborating with Pinmo proved to be a successful advancement for FlyOver Canada’s reach into the Asian-Chinese community for their Lunar New Year Special Attraction.

How Does Social Media Affect YOU as a User?

Today, the current social media market is saturated, if not oversaturated, with hundreds of platforms – some more successful than others (ahem, Facebook and Instagram). What these platforms have in common is that they receive (more so exploit!) an abundant amount of data from their users (AKA YOU 🙃)! In 2017, 90% of the total data in the world was created in a span of two years between 2015 and 2016 – with today’s current output at more than 2.5 quintillion bytes a day.

While there are those that consider their access to social media accounts to be “free,” the reality is that everything comes at a cost. Some users are more naïve and choose to trust that their data will remain private and secure, but most understand the harsh reality of social media’s costs.

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook

As you may already know, Facebook is no stranger to controversy. In late March, Cambridge Analytica used personal information harvested from up to 87 million Facebook profiles without permission to build a system that could target US voters with personalized political advertisements based on their psychological profile.

How Does Social Media Affect YOU as a User 2-100

During the breach, Cambridge Analytica compromised data from a personality quiz that was never intended to be shared publicly. The quiz was created in 2014 and paid 270,000 individuals to take it. After receiving data on individuals’ interests, political affiliations, relationships, photos, locations, and other miscellaneous data, Cambridge Analytica created psychological profiles of the subjects. While data harvesting and breach should be enough to outrage people, the “cherry on top” was that for particular political campaigns, the data was detailed enough to create a profile that suggested what kind of advertisement would be most effective to persuade particular individuals in particular locations for political events.

In light of this controversy, only 41% of consumers in the U.S. and Germany trust Facebook with their information as many users now realize that the use of social media platforms is not free. They pay with their data. However, the fact of the matter is that the business model of social media platforms is to monetize your data, and because of this, they’re unwilling to sacrifice your satisfaction for data.

Pinmo on Transforming the Social Media Market

With social media platforms very unlikely to change their business model, your data and information are the ones that get compromised in the situation.

Enter Pinmo.

Social network platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are benefitting off of your personal data that should be secure and using that to their advantage. These businesses are reaping all the benefits and not sharing any of those with you.

Pinmo is the first incentivized content platform that’s integrated across multiple social media networks, designed and developed using the latest targeting AI algorithm. Pinmo adds you back into the equation, allowing and encouraging you to have the power to monetize your own data. Large corporations shouldn’t be the only ones who can monetize your data and Pinmo understands that. Through Pinmo’s platform, you can share content on your WeChat Moments and Facebook.

Pinmo empowers you with the ability to monetize your own data, which you already own. These are actions you already do every day and do anyway, so why aren’t you getting involved?

Join the Pinmo network today.

What Does Pinmo Do For Its Users?

Social Media Use Globally

In today’s technologically advanced world, it seems as though everyone and their dog (literally!) has or uses social media platforms on a frequent basis. With social networking being one of the most popular online activities with high user engagement rates and expanding mobile possibilities, it’s become part of a routine for many. I mean, who isn’t on social media? 😜

As much as we hate to admit it, social media tends to consume a significant amount of our valuable time and attention. Inevitably, humans love to be social and share content with their friends, relatives, colleagues, and connections. This relationship between parties is a significant one because close connections value the ideas, opinions, and thoughts of each other – even more so than popular influencers. Pinmo monetizes and tracks this relationship so that every click, share, and quality action counts towards a user’s earned tokens.

Pinmo: Founded on the Act of Sharing

You like to share. I like to share. We all like to share. And guess what? Pinmo is based on the act of sharing! This foundation integrates perfectly with our social lifestyles today (unless you’re introvert who treasures your alone time 🤭), but more or less, we all like to share to some degree.

You probably remember these relatively recent viral trends – Damn Daniel, the Dress, and the Kylie Lip Jenner challenge. What made these internet phenomena so successful is the act of sharing. In fact, sharing is what makes content viral. Pinmo is built on this same foundation of sharing, but instead of sharing crazily swollen lips (or getting your own swollen lips 🤦‍ 😳), you’re sharing content from your favourite brands.

Pinmo is the first incentivized content platform that’s integrated across multiple social media networks – allowing you to share content on various social media platforms.

We believe that anyone and everyone on social media has the power to monetize their social networks and their own data. Including you! Pinmo offers everyone a gateway into the data monetization realm with a system that transforms everyday actions into mutually beneficial relationships. From these relationships, Pinmo’s profiling algorithm shows you where your potential lies and how to maximize your benefits with your social networks through IBM Watson’s AI and big data analyses.

More than likely, you’re already sharing content with your circle of friends, so why not get rewarded for doing so instead? Go ahead, you know you want to 😏.

A Co-op Story

Let’s face it: the future reality for most undergraduates is scary and uncertain, especially with limited experience or practical skills up our sleeve. In classes, we always learn and learn, but how do we figure out how to apply what we learn in the real world? This is where SFU’s Co-op program came to save the day for 4 students who banded together to create some big things for one particular company – Pinmo powered by Evilnut Creative Technology.

Co-op Students SFU at Technology Company

Meet Justin Lew – Computing Science and Statistics Double Major (4th year)

When asked “how would you describe yourself,” he answered, “I’m one of the developers with friends.”

Even with a double major in Computing Science and Statistics, Justin is humble (as he likes to put it, but we agree). On the Evilnut side, Justin is tasked with helping build an app for one of our car sharing clients. While this experience is only Justin’s first Co-op, he has already learned so much in two and a half months, including how to collaborate effectively with a team within a fast-paced environment and overcome challenges where he doesn’t exactly know the answer at hand.

For Justin, Co-op pushed him to break his own limitations and boundaries because he’s always learning something new even if he thinks he already knows what he’s learning. Before starting Co-op, Justin was keen on developing his back-end skills and experiences for his future career, but within this Co-op term, he realized that he wants to delve more into app development. For Justin, Co-op revisioned what he thought he knew he wanted to do after graduation.

Fun fact: Justin is allergic to cats but has lived with them for 15 years – he just likes to test how bad his allergies can get.

Meet Paulo Carlos – Interactive Arts and Technology Major (3rd year)

When asked “is this Co-op experience like what you imagined it to be,” he answered, “it’s different in a good way, I thought I would have to dress up in a suit every day.”

Born with an unparalleled charismatic passion for design, Paulo is the artist behind our graphics, landing pages, website designs, and every other visual aspect of our projects! On the Pinmo side, Paulo challenges his creative mind daily with his designs that demonstrate his original talents and abilities. This experience is Paulo’s first Co-op term. This role has strengthened Paulo’s time management and organization skills as he constantly needs to sort and prioritize his many deadlines so he can focus on what’s important first and accomplish his deadlines.

Prior to Co-op, Paulo never had any real work experience (aside from his projects at school), but now he has an array of tangible skills, assets, and designs of corporate work experience to add to his portfolio. For Paulo, this experience crystallized his long-term careers goals and what he wants to do after he graduates – work in Silicon Valley as a designer. And as a plus, Co-op helps Paulo feel more responsible as an adult because now he has a sleep, work, and leisure schedule that keeps him accountable and productive.

Fun fact: When Paulo was a child, he wanted to be the Pope. We’re glad he chose to be a designer with us instead.

Meet Krista Greig – Communication Major, Business Minor (4th year)

When asked “what is one thing you will take away from this experience,” she answered, “10 extra pounds because we ate so much ice cream.”

Krista is the superstar behind all our social media posts and the mastermind behind our community events. On the Pinmo side, Krista manages all the fun posts you see on our social media and organizes our internal and external events. This Co-op term is actually Krista’s third one. After her three semesters of Co-op, she realizes that her boundaries are a lot further than she thinks they are, allowing her to achieve more than she thinks she can.

For Krista, she knew that learning (especially strictly theory-based learning) wasn’t going to be enough for her to enter the workforce, she needed to learn more applicable practical skills. With Co-op, Krista has grown more confident in her abilities, is more prepared for new challenges, and believes in her talents. Co-op helped Krista narrow down and solidify the field that she wants to pursue – digital marketing. Before starting even her first Co-op, Krista wasn’t sure what she wanted to pursue, but now she’s grown into this confident and strong-willed individual with a bright vision for her future.   

Fun fact: Krista has a passionate love and obsession for office supplies, stationery, and planners. She could spend hours (no joke) at Michael’s browsing through planners and stickers.

Meet Jennifer Wibisono – Communication Major, Business Minor (4th year)

Hi! I’m the writer behind this post you’re reading right now and also one of the Co-op students. On the Pinmo and Evilnut side, I write, edit, and post blogs, content for marketing campaigns, website content, and other written publications. In this position, I’ve also stepped outside my comfort zone and started learning how to code. While this particular Co-op position is my first one, I’m well into my second semester.

As a student, I realized that I’ve done countless projects and assignments, but I’ve never really applied what I’ve learned in a real work environment. With Co-op I wanted to practice what I’ve learned in classes, challenge my abilities, make new connections, and experience what it’s like to work Monday to Friday at a 9 to 5 job – which are all things that this Co-op term at Pinmo has helped me accomplish. After my Co-op experience, I am more competent and confident in writing creatively and professionally (yes, those are contradictions, but it’s true!) and I have met some incredible people along the way that have challenged me and helped me grow in more ways than one (thanks to my managers, Hafeez and Arta).

Fun fact: The sound and feeling of ripping Velcro makes me cringe as bad as nails on a chalkboard do.

Needless to say, all four of us are grateful to have experienced Co-op in the same working environment and have met each other. All of us agree that Co-op experiences solidify our visions for our future career paths. If you ever see us after, don’t be afraid to say hi and talk to any of us about it – we’d love to share our Co-op (and ice cream and dessert filled) journey. Until then. 🙂