How to Thrive as an Influencer

Today, almost everyone in the world is on social media. By being on social media alone, you have the power to influence your friends, and the choices and decisions they make. However, social media culture leads us to (wrongly, if I must say) believe that only those with a near-celebrity following are influencers. The truth is that anyone and everyone, even with a mere 100 followers, can be an influencer. In fact, YOU are an influencer. Not only are you an influencer, but you’re an effective one too! Because you are sharing content with your friends, everything is dispersed organically – making you a more effective influencer than “actual influencers” with thousands of followers.

While social media giants are powerful, they are nothing without you. Whether you have a small or large following, these social media networks take advantage of you and your value by using your potential, power, and resources to influence your circle at no cost.

So, now that you know you’re an influencer, how can you maximize your potential?

1. Find Your Niche

Everyone has a particular interest, whether it’s crazy makeup trends or the latest import cars, what interests you will be different from what interests someone else. Selectively posting content on a specific niche will bring in more viewers because it’s (1) something you’re passionate about and (2) catered towards a specific audience.

Always keep in mind that it’s always better to be unique rather than conform because you don’t want to be like everyone else – you want to be different. So, even if your passion is as specific as salted caramel ice cream, pursue it! Chances are there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other individuals who have an equal passion for salted caramel ice cream.

2. Be Consistent

Do you have a favourite TV show that you like to watch? Game of Thrones? Suits? How to Get Away with Murder? Do you find yourself excited and anticipating for when a new episode airs every 6 PM Tuesdays or 1 PM Sundays?

By posting your content on a consistent schedule, you can incite the same feelings of anticipation for your audience. Posting on a schedule keeps your audience interested and gives them reasons to subscribe. If you don’t create new content on a consistent schedule, why would your audience need to subscribe? They don’t miss out on anything.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is important because it personalizes relationships and makes them feel more connected to you. Any interaction, regardless of what type, is good for keeping your audience engaged. Whether it’s responding to comments, liking posts, or following back, all of these interactions produce healthy relationships with your audience. So, try to engage in as many of these as possible.

4. Look at Data

Your data reveals a lot about your audience, what is working with them and who they are. Even though not all platforms provide you with data, you can always look at which posts are receiving the most likes and comments. On those posts, what does your audience look like? You should create content that resonates best with them. Also, make sure to analyze the data you receive to come up with an effective strategy catered for your audience.

Now that you know how you can thrive as an influencer, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner influencer potential!

Why We Love Social Media (And You Should Too!)

If you told us 10 years ago that we would all be addicted to following people and being followed, we’d probably be scratching our heads. Something like that would order us a restraining order and jail time! But today, that isn’t the case anymore – unless you’re physically stalking and following someone (which would raise several questions … But I digress).

In the realm of social media, we fish for as many followers, likes, and comments as possible – whether it means posting selfies, drool-worthy food pics, or breath-taking hikes (that we only did for the ‘gram) – we do it all. Because social media has become such an integral part of our lives, we (literally) can’t imagine our lives without it anymore. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – just like cars, laptops, and phones have become such an integral part of our lives today.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say we love social media and all the doors and opportunities that it’s opened for us. Without social media, we’d probably be living in a different world, one we wouldn’t even be able to recognize. We love social media so much it was hard to narrow down our list of reasons, but we managed to do it somehow (phew!)

1. It allows us to build and maintain connections

Social media allows us to build and maintain connections that we otherwise might lose. While it’s nearly impossible for us to maintain relationships with every single one of our friends, social media keeps us connected and updated through posts and conversations. On social media, we probably have more friends and followers than we are able to keep up with regularly. It’s nearly impossible to see even 100 friends consistently in person! But, with social media, we’re able to keep connected with all of these friends and more (some people have thousands of friends), keeping the relationships with those who mean the most to us strong.

2. It allows us to be spontaneous

The nature of social media encourages us to be spontaneous. On any platform, we can post anything we want anytime, at the click of a button. Within two seconds, we can post an Instagram Story on our graduation party or weekly lunch with colleagues.

Sometimes, we spend so much time making sure our posts are perfect, and other times, we spend zero time and post the first thing that comes to mind. Either way, social media encourages spur-of-the-moment posts – even things as trivial as what we had for breakfast.

3. It allows us to be expressive

Everything we post on social media is expressive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a caption, photo, video, or text, everything is a result of our creative thought – what we think, what we feel, what we want, and more.

The Instagram caption of what happened before the photo was taken? That’s expressive content. The Facebook post about the nice lady who paid for your drink as a means of paying it forward? That’s expressive content. Literally everything you post is expressive and social media is your creative platform.

So, while we were able to narrow down our list of reasons, it was an incredibly difficult choice – we love social media that much! We hope our enthusiasm and love for social media is contagious and has you feeling the same way about it. J


Are YOU an Influencer?

If you were asked to list some influencers you would probably mention people like Kim Kardashian, Miranda Sings, Lady Gaga, Michelle Phan, and so on. Influencers have thousands, if not millions, of followers and are basically celebrities, right? Wrong. While influencers can be these people, they aren’t always. Influencers can be anywhere and anyone regardless of how many followers they do (or don’t) have.

Technically speaking, influence refers to “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something.” In these terms, everyone (including you!) has influence over their own social circle of friends. You are influential among your friends because they care about what you think and what you have to say and vice versa.

Typically, social media platforms consider only people with a large following and fan base to be influencers. However, we believe that anyone can be an influencer and social media allows anyone and everyone to become an influencer, exercising their influence with varying levels of impact. While these levels of impact differ from one person to another – there is always an element of social proof that is shaped by how influential a person is and what type of influence they have. For example, one of your closest friends rather than an acquaintance will have a greater impact on your life. The level at which we are influential for others is measured by how close and connected we are with them.

Pinmo understands that everyone has the power influence their social network and that every social network has potential. With this concept as our foundation, we built a platform and system that offers everyone a gateway to turn that potential into wealth. Our system transforms everyday actions into mutually beneficial relationships. On social media platforms, you’re already sharing content with your friends on your feed and timeline – so why not share content that can help you earn incentives. For clicks that your shared content gets, you receive Tokens that can be cashed out.

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